The ultimate Domotic remote for the rest of us


phpMyDomo is an open-source php Web Application aimed to provide a clean, robust, customizable, fast and intuitive interface to any Home Automation software, from any computer, tablet or smart-phone...

  • Control any Home Automation Software, (currently Domoticz, Domotiga, OpenHab, Domogik...)
  • Trigger Actions (or Notifications) with ease (Kodi, Email, Growl, Prowl, NMA, xPl, Nabaztag, Email, Shell,...)
  • Browse your Cameras from a single page
  • Display your photo library from a PhotoFrame like page
  • Get a friendly and elegant GUI on any Browser, and make your family happy ;-)
  • Easily customize it to your own need: Customize Pages, Skins, Languages, Links...
  • And many more...

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Free & OpenSource

phpMyDomo is a Free and OpenSource software intended to grow with its users needs.

If you are a developper, please fork it at GitHub. Else you might like to :

Try the Online Demo Download version 23.0824