Action: Email

PLEASE READ the /phpMyDomo/www/inc/doc/howto/ for more informations


This action send an email


The email Action requires that you have an email server setuped on the phpMyDomo host, and that it works.
You can chek this from the terminal, by trying to send you an email using: mail
(then enter a subject, then enter a content, then type a DOT then enter to send the mail).
If you receive the mail, it will work, else you have to insatll a mail server, ie Postfix or Exim.


  • 'type' => (mandatory) 'email'
  • 'from' => (required) The "From" email, formated as : "Name <>" or "".
  • 'to' => (required) The "To " email, formated as : "Name <>" or "".
  • 'subject' => (required) Email subject
  • 'content' => (required) Email Content
  • 'custom' => (optionnal) replaces "{custom}" in the email content

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