Action: Growl

PLEASE READ the /phpMyDomo/www/inc/doc/howto/ for more informations


This action send a Growl notification over the network.


A Growl client must be installed on each notified workstation:


  • 'type' => (mandatory) 'growl'
  • 'hosts' => (required) a list of host to notify, separated by comma. ie: ",,workstation.local".
  • 'protocol' => (required) Growl protocol to use : 'udp' | 'gntp' | 'both'
    • 'gntp' is intended for MacOSX >= 10.7, Windows and Linux It supports custom icons.
    • 'udp' is intended for MacOSX < 10.7 (with Growl 1.xx). It does not support custom icons.
    • 'both' try both protocols for each host. Usefull only if you want to notify some Mac (< 10.7) as well as some PC. But it will be really slower because each host might be called 2 time.
  • 'title' => (required) Notification Title
  • 'message' => (required) Notification Message
  • 'pass' => (optionnal) Password (only if set in the workstations)
  • 'icon' => (optionnal) URL to a custom Icon, ie : http://www.mysite/my_custom_icon.gif. Works ONLY in GNTP mode!
  • 'priority' => (optionnal) Notification priority : 'low' | 'moderate' | 'normal' | 'high' | 'emergency'
  • 'sticky' => (optionnal) "Sticky" Notification : true | false
  • 'custom' => (optionnal) replaces "{custom}" in the message field

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