Logitech SqueezeBox Remote

The Music page (pmd_ip/squeeze) allows to control all SqueezeBox players registered at your Logitech Media Server.


  • Full transport controls (including FastForward and Rewind)
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Musician friendly In/Out cue points to precisely loop part of a song, including nudge shortcuts
  • Auto link each playing Artist/song to Youtube, IMDB, Google
  • Album Art display
  • Global players controls : Stop all players, Mute all player, change all players volumes, etc...
  • easy shortcut link to the IOS App, Android App and LMS server

Configuration File

The sample configuration file squeeze.php (in the inc/conf_sample/ directory) should be copied into the inc/conf/ directory.

Then just change the $prefs['url_server'] to match your own Logitech Media Server Url.

All registered players should then appear and be control-able from the Music (Squeeze) page.