Action: Mysensors

PLEASE READ the Actions HowTo for more informations


This action send a MySensors message to your MySensors Gateway


You must have a MySensors Gateway installed :


Either send a raw MySensors message ie:

  • 'msg' => (required) Mysensors raw message, ie : "1;3;0;4;5"

OR send a message like this :

  • 'node' => (required) Node ID
  • 'child' => (required) Child ID
  • 'mtype' => (required) message type (presentation|set|req|internal|stream) or corresponding num values (0|1|2|3|4)
  • 'sub' => (required) message sub-type (use either the numerical sub-type or the 'X_TYPE') depending on the 'type' used (see MySensors documentation)
  • 'payload' => the payload to send, when needed. (see MySensors documentation)

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