Action: Xpl

PLEASE READ the /phpMyDomo/www/inc/doc/howto/ for more informations


This action send an xPL message on the Network


This Action requires to have at least on xPL Hub on the network to receive and re-direct xPL Messages:


  • 'type' => (mandatory) 'xpl'
  • 'xtype' => (required) xPL message Type: 'xpl-cmnd' | 'xpl-stat' | 'xpl-trig'
  • 'xsource' => (required,) xPL message Instance_id part of xpl source field (max 16 chars): Change this to differentiate sources.
  • 'xtarget' => (required) xPL message Target.
  • 'xschema' => (required) xPL message Schema.
  • 'xbody' => (required) xPL message Body.
  • 'custom' => (optionnal) replaces "{custom}" in the xbody field

To learn more about xPL messages format, please refer to:

Some URLS examples