Action: Kodi

PLEASE READ the /phpMyDomo/www/inc/doc/howto/ for more informations


This action sends a command to an Kodi (formely know as XBMC) media-center client.


  • 'type' => (mandatory) 'kodi'
  • 'server' => (required) hostname or ip (with optionnal :port), ie "kodi.local", "", "kodi.local:8080"
  • 'mode' => (required) The command to send. Two modes are supported: 'notify' (display a notification) | 'pause' (pause a playing movies)

Fields needed in 'notify' mode:

  • 'title' => (required) The title of the notification.
  • 'message' => (required) The content of the notification.
  • 'time' => (optional) The time in seconds the notification will be visible, minimum 1.5 (else default to 5 seconds)
  • 'icon' => (optional) The icon to show: "info" | "warning" | "error" | a_custom_url
  • 'custom' => (optional) replaces "{custom}" in the message field

Fields required in 'pause' mode: none!

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